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[Download] Editable CV Template to Create Masterpiece CVs



Important Announcement

If you have been applying for jobs and internships and getting ghosted or rejected, maybe it’s time to change that CV of yours.

In 2023, DoB, Religion, Primary and Sec. school, Marital Status, State of Origin, and Sex should not be on your CV.

The hard truth is recruiters now use a software called ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to automatically screen out thousands of CVs to avoid wasting time on unfit CVs. 

It’s possible your CV is always screened out and never makes it to the employers’ desk.

But how does ATS?

It matches the content of your CV with the job description provided by the recruiter. If your CV doesn’t fit, ATS throws it away. 

Sadly many people use one-CV-fit-all to apply for different roles. And they wonder why they’re not getting positive responses.

Now, Here’s what we did at Dixcover Hub.

We spent several weeks collating CVs that reportedly landed jobs at top companies like Adobe, Intuit, Google, and Microsoft. We used these winning CVs with the help of AI to create an editable CV template anyone, anywhere can use to create their own masterpiece CV.

This is not a tutorial on the DOs and Don’ts of CV. It’s an already-made editable template. With the template, all that’s left is a little customization.

Here’s how the template works

  1. If you have this template, you won’t be using one CV fits all anymore. You can use it to quickly create a tailored CV for a particular role. It shows and helps you easily key in points from the job descriptions into your work experience and portfolio. Many people don’t know this, but it’s the ultimate hack to landing any job role.
  2. With this template at your disposal, you never have to worry about what you’re doing wrong anymore. It’s created with industry best practices. Just edit.
  3. It helps you beat ATS. Because if you do no. 1 above, no ATS will screen you out.

Want this template?

You can get it here ( for only N1,000. It takes less than 1 minute to do so.

It is our hope that as you go ahead using this template, it helps you shoot better shots at the jobs you like.

Cheers to a new way of job hunting.

Get the template here:

Download Here