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Frontend Engineer Needed at Payzeep

payment processing and collection services across all payment channels to help increase financial service depth and touch the lives of people even at the grassroots.

We are seeking a Frontend Engineer to join our team.

As a Frontend Engineer, you will play a key role in developing and maintaining the user interfaces of our web applications.

You will be responsible for translating design concepts into interactive and responsive interfaces that provide an intuitive and delightful user experience.

Your expertise in both Vue.js and React frameworks will be essential in driving front-end development efforts.


  • Collaborate with designers, product managers, and backend engineers to understand requirements and translate them into functional and visually appealing user interfaces.
  • Develop frontend components using Vue.js and React, ensuring high code quality, performance, and maintainability.
  • Implement responsive designs and optimize applications for various devices and screen sizes.
  • Write clean, modular, and scalable code while following best practices and coding standards.
  • Conduct thorough testing and debugging to ensure the reliability and usability of frontend applications.
  • Collaborate with the backend team to integrate frontend components with server-side logic.
  • Stay up to date with the latest front-end development trends, frameworks, and tools, and actively contribute to the technical growth of the team.
  • Participate in code reviews, provide constructive feedback, and maintain documentation.
  • Support and maintain existing frontend applications, addressing bugs and implementing enhancements as required.


  • Strong proficiency in Vue.js and React frameworks, with hands-on experience in developing front-end applications using both technologies.
  • Solid understanding of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, and their interactions with frontend frameworks.
  • Proficient in modern front-end build tools, such as Webpack or Babel, and package managers like NPM or Yarn.
  • Familiarity with UI/UX principles and ability to work closely with designers to implement pixel-perfect designs.
  • Experience with responsive and mobile-first design principles, and knowledge of cross-browser compatibility.
  • Strong problem-solving skills and ability to debug and optimize frontend applications.
  • Good understanding of version control systems, preferably Git.
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to work effectively in a team environment.

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