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UN Women Africa Online Trainings for Women Entrepreneurs

Application Deadline: April 4th, 2023

Under this call of proposal, UN Women will recruit a partner to develop and deliver online training programs for Women-owned/-led businesses in the implementing countries, to support them in the process of pivoting to new sectors in this post-covid19 economy and strengthen their capacity to access to public procurement.

This includes to design tailored training modules and tools that are based on needs and existing gaps for the targeted Women.

Funding Information
  • The budget range for this proposal should not exceed USD 49 000.
  • Pre-training stage
    • Prepare and submit course outline, course contents, PPT, Handouts, training delivery schedule of the online training programs in line with the project guidelines in English and French on the following topics:
      • Procurement trainings (steps to prepare women businesses, business pitching for procurement)
      • Supporting post-covid19 recovery: trainings on developing new business models for women entrepreneurs to pivot their businesses in the context of post covid19
      • Digital skills trainings including digital financial inclusion
  • Training stage
    • Deliver online training programs in multiple batches and per country (in coordination with UN Women for):
      • 200 women entrepreneurs in Nigeria
      • 100 women entrepreneurs in Senegal
      • 100 women entrepreneurs in Mali
    • The trainings will be conducted separately per country
  • Post-training stage
    • Submit report on the delivery of training programs
      • Conduct Pre and Post evaluation of each training
      • Deliver certificates of training to the trained women
    • Submit output-based progress report for each training program and final report of all training programs including list of trainees with full contact details and profile photographs (if available) of individual participants.
  • Technical/functional competencies required
    • Minimum 5 years of experience in providing/ conducting training and developing training
    • Proven experience in supporting women in the following areas: ICTs, financial inclusion, entrepreneurship, business management, marketing and online trainings
    • Have a multidisciplinary team dedicated to the project including:
      • An expert in women entrepreneurship:
        • Master’s degree in international development, economics, social sciences, gender studies, or related field
        • 5 years of experience in women economic empowerment, procurement, entrepreneurship, advocacy and gender, or related field
        • 5 years of experience delivering training
        • Experience in developing countries particularly in Africa
        • Fluency in French and English
      • An expert in digital trainings and business development:
        • Master’s degree in economics, international development, ICTs, business management or related field. Additional qualifications in women economic empowerment are desired
        • 5years of experience in economics, ICTs, private sector, entrepreneurship, digital trainings, environment, business development, women economic empowerment, or related field
        • 5 years of experience in delivering online trainings on ICTs, digital marketing, financial inclusion, business development and related topics
        • Experience in developing countries particularly the west and central Sahel
        • Fluency in French and English
    • Experience in the implementation of similar activities;
    • Experience in managing/implementing projects funded by development partners such as those of the United Nations System;
    • Proven capacity to develop practical training guidelines and programme; experience in documentation, reporting and evaluation of training programs.
    • Proven experience in implementation, monitoring and evaluation of development projects;
    • Experience in developing countries particularly in Africa
  • Assignment – Pre-training stage: Development of training materials and adapt presentations in English and French
    • Timeframe – Early April 2023
  • Assignment – Training stage: Conduct batches of training programs to train at least 400 women entrepreneurs in Senegal, Nigeria and Mali.
    • Timeframe – Mid April-May 2023
  • Assignment – Post-training stage: Reporting per country and a compiled report in line with the agreed implementation plan, including pre and post evaluation of training, delivery of certificates of trainings
    • Timeframe – End of May- Early June 2023

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